Test Cases, Examples and Fluff



The all new HTML 5


Articles particular to XHTML, rather than just HTML


May also depend on a particular HTML layout, but predominantly implemented using CSS

Page Layouts

General page layouts. Two column fluid, three column fixed, with headers and footers or without. Is it HTML? Is it CSS? Well, it's very much both and warranted its own category. Some of these layouts are to a specific design, rather than a generic n-column fluid/fixed layout.



Subset of JavaScript



Design Patterns

General Tests

Test pages not necessarily testing any particular method...

Proof of concept

Pages demonstrating a particular task, perhaps pulling together a combination of HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP methods that could be developed further.

Useful Links

Reference / Further Reading

This has now be detached into a separate reference page of links. External links related to the topics discussed above can be found in the relevant pages.

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