Validation Error - End tag for element HEAD which is not open

What causes W3C Validator to throw up this error?
Date Created: 22nd September 2006
Date Modified: 22nd September 2006
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In response to WebmasterWorld HTML forum:

Error(s) that I have encountered in the past trying to validate pages. Often all occuring at the same time and are often caused by the same thing! But what causes it? Using /> to terminate meta tags or link elements when you are not using an XHTML DOCTYPE, but are instead using HTML Transitional (strict seems to give different errors). But you are usually told... Error Line 12 column 120: document type does not allow element "META" here.

As mentioned, an HTML Strict DOCTYPE gives different errors in this case... Error Line 13 column 73: character data is not allowed here.

Often I have found that this is because '/' (forward slashes) have not been escaped within inline JavaScript. ie. In this case the anchor tag. '<a href="#">This is a link</a>' should read '<a href="#">This is a link<\/a>'. Although if you use an XHTML DOCTYPE this error will not be picked up!

This page generates such a errors.