Breaking an OL with a sub-heading, but numbers should continue - Strict DOCTYPE

The Strict HTML4.01 DOCTYPE does not allow the START attribute in ordered lists, so how can you continue the list if it is broken in two by a sub-heading? Still maintaining correct validation.
Date Created: 15th October 2006
Date Modified: 15th October 2006
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The following validates as Strict HTML4.01, but I cannot see that it is semantically correct by including the sub-heading as part of the list item! But then neither is braking the list in two with the sub-heading in the middle and using the START attribute - who is to know the 2nd list should continue with the first?

  1. List Item number One - some extra content.
  2. List Item number Two - some extra content.
  3. List Item number Three - some extra content.

    Sub Heading

  4. List Item number Four - some extra content.
  5. List Item number Five - some extra content.
  6. List Item number Six - some extra content.