<SELECT> list with <OPTION> tags - Ok in Netscape 4 ?!

For a SELECT list to display as intended in Netscape 4, you need to enclose it in a FORM element!
Date Created: 5th October 2006
Date Modified: 5th October 2006
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Testing question in WebmasterWorld HTML Forum:

We have a web application developed in VS.NET 2003. Drop-downs having closing tags (see code below). When view in older browsers like Netscape 4.?, no drop-down appears; the selections are simple printed to the screen. Is there some work-around for this, or must we tell our customers to upgrade their browsers?

Sure enough, this displays as a straight list in Netscape 4!! (But <FORM> tags are not used - SEE BELOW!)

Same as above, but without the closing option tags...

Same as above, this displays as a straight list in Netscape 4!

Surrounding the list in <form>...</form> tags works OK in Netscape 4!

NB: For it to validate as HTML 4.01 Strict, the <select> element needs to be enclosed in DIV tags (or similar). It does not need to be enclosed in FORM tags.

Just testing some padding... (Incidentally NN4 does not display this correctly! And nor does IE6, the padding on the table element is ignored!)

table {
td {