Testing dashes/hyphens... and other special characters

Document is encoded as UTF-8 and charset=utf-8 is set in HEAD section

- (- ... Hyphen)
- (Simply a typed '-')
− (−)
− (− DECIMAL ... minus)
− (U+2212 ... − HEXADECIMAL version of above)
− (minus char typed from keyboard using HTML-Kit unicode tool - view source)
– (–)
— (—)
_ (_ ... Horizontal bar)

∴ (∴)
∴ (∴)
∴ (∴)

© (© - copyright symbol)
(Copyright symbol typed directly in page)

↴ (UTF-8 character 21B4)

This works OK in FF and Op (with/without a UTF-8 meta tag), but IE6 baulks and just displays a square block, regardless of whether there is a UTF-8 meta tag or not. To get it to work in IE6 you need to tell it to use a unicode font!

(UTF-8 character 21B4 enclosed in a SPAN - works in IE6)

Check Mark / Tick and other symbols

Specifying symbolic fonts in several cases...

Check Mark(not specified)✓Firefox 3 displays this character even without the Arial Unicode MS font installed. IE8, Chrome and Safari do not. However, with Arial Unicode MS then IE8/Vista displays this character as well.
Check Mark(not specified)(copy/pasted - must be from a unicode font?!)
üCheck MarkWingdings1ü
þCheck BoxWingdings1þ
PCheck MarkWingdings 21P
aCheck Mark (?)Webdings1a
aGreek AlphaSymbol1a
Left Right Wave ArrowCambria Math↭Why the large top/bottom margins in FF?
Latin Small Ligature FflCambria (although not specified)
- not contained in Lucida Sans Unicode

1 Symbolic (non unicode) fonts are only displayed in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. In Firefox and Opera a font substitute is used instead. Although the reference document does state that the Symbol font works in Opera - this must have been pre Opera 10, since 10.63 this does not work. Ref: Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents

2 "Cambria Math" (unicode font) does not appear to be considered 'symbolic'. It does contain the normal alphabet.