TABLES: Fixed and flexible row heights - possible in IE?

The goal is to have several rows in a table. Most rows are of fixed height, but one must be flexible according to browser viewport height. Possible in IE?
Date Created: 14th October 2006
Date Modified: 14th October 2006
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From WebmasterWorld HTML Forum:

This example is not sized to the viewport height, it is just a static table in the page. The table cells, however, expand to their contents despite the row/cells having a fixed height (apart from Row 3) and having set overflow:hidden. If cell heights are to be fixed, then it maybe best to use a containing DIV in the table cell and fix the height of that - as have done before [link]. [See the example using 100% viewport] which is closer to the intended goal in the forum.

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Row 1
Row 2
Row 3 - [Flexible height]
Row 4