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Not valid to wrap a TR element in an anchor, but what's the best way to make a row into a link
Date Created: 31st March 2008
Date Modified: 31st March 2008
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It works, the whole table row is a hyperlink, i need to tell the cursor to be a hand when i hover over it but the link works, the question is why will it not allow me to copy the contents of the row or even highlight it, it seems treat the row almost like an image

I think you need to test it a bit more. 'It works' in IE6/7 so much as the href is followed, but as you have found you can't select the text, nor does it visually behave like an anchor. It does not work at all in Firefox, Opera or Safari. Probably because it is not valid HTML and this is also stated in the thread above.

I don't think you can reasonably start to figure out why something isn't working when the HTML itself is invalid. Step 1 - valid HTML. ([url=]W3C HTML Validator[/url])